Early termination for Seadrill’s Ivory Coast deal

Seadrill Partners has received an early termination notice from an unnamed operator for the West Vencedor rig contract offshore Ivory Coast.

Seadrill Partners secured a six-well contract, with three option wells, for the West Vencedor semi-submersible back in January 2019. The backlog for the firm portion of the contract was expected to be approximately $20 million with the start period expected in the third quarter of 2019 and running through 2Q 2020.

According to Seadrill Partners’ statement on Friday, the early termination notice was received prior to contract start, which was expected in the third quarter of 2019.

The unit had recently completed its work with Petronas in Myanmar and will now stay in Southeast Asia to be marketed for additional opportunities, Seadrill said on Friday.

Seadrill Partners is expected to receive a lump sum early termination payment in 3Q 2019 of approximately the amount of adjusted EBITDA that would have been earned under the firm term of the contract and backlog will decrease by $20 million.

West Vencedor is a purpose built semi-submersible self-erecting tender assisted drilling rig featuring 10k dual BOP, off-line pipe handling, stand building and designed to work on TLPs and SPARs in up to 6,500 ft of water with pre-laid mooring. The rig was built by Keppel FELS in Singapore in 2009.

Source: Offshore Energy Today

Barakah takes Petronas to court over licence suspension

Barakah said earlier this week in a filing with Bursa Malaysia that its wholly-owned unit PBJV had issued a notice of demand and dispute on August 5 to both Petronas and Petronas Carigali after the company’s license was suspended by Petronas for three years.

Namely, the three-year suspension, issued on July 8, was based on the grounds of adverse reports of PBJV’s performance under a contract for provision of underwater services for Petronas Carigali.

Barakah added that this suspension was issued after the completion of the contract. In response to the suspension, PBJV issued a notice to dispute the validity of the suspension.

The company said that the contract was successfully carried out and completed prior to the suspension. Also, Barakah stated that “upon completion of the contract, the positive appraisal was subsequently given by Petronas Carigali hence making the suspension unwarranted.”

With the license suspended, PBJV is unable to undertake or bid for new contracts from Petronas but it is still allowed to continue and complete its existing and on-going contracts with Petronas.

According to the offshore service provider, the amount of RM1.02 billion was based on the loss of future profits, reputation, and shares’ market price.

It is worth noting that Petronas and Petronas Carigali were given 14 days to comply with the demand.

Pacific Drilling clinches drillship extension in Mauritania

In its second quarter 2019 report on Monday, Pacific said that the contract for the Pacific Santa Ana drillship had been extended by Total for one well in Mauritania.

The contract starts in August and ends in September 2019. After that, in November 2019, the rig is scheduled to work for Petronas, also in Mauritania. This deal is scheduled to be completed in October 2020. Later, Total has two one-well options (each well estimated at approximately 60 days of work) whose start would follow contract with Petronas.

Pacific Drilling CEO, Bernie Wolford, said: “We added backlog for our fleet as an option was exercised for Pacific Santa Ana. The ramp-up of Pacific Khamsin, in preparation for its contract with Equinor, remains on schedule for start of operations in November.”

It is worth reminding that the 2011-built drillship received a contract to operate in Senegal for one firm well and in Mauritania for one option well with Total back in March and the contract started in April 2019.

According to information on Bassoe Offshore, the drillship’s dayrate under the part of the contract which expired at the end of July was $165,000.

Pacific Drilling reported a net loss for second-quarter 2019 of $73.6 million compared to net loss of $84 million in first-quarter 2019.

Pacific Drilling’s second-quarter 2019 contract drilling revenue was $76.4 million, which included $3.8 million in reimbursable revenue.

This compared to first-quarter 2019 contract drilling revenue of $65.9 million, which included $3.4 million in reimbursable revenue. The increase in revenue resulted primarily from the Pacific Santa Ana commencing operations with Total in Senegal.

Source : Offshore Energy Today